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90s Nick holding a Green Day CD. He looks like an idiot in this picture, doesn't he?
90s Nick (b. April 20, 1987) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is just an ordinary fat, triple testicled, and unemployed nostalgiatard who is just obsessed with the 90s. He wasted all of his money just for a Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Pizza Parties, McDonalds (Which is good for Ronald), Elmer's Glue, Rocko's Modern Life VHSs, VHS's, a lot of Pokemon merchandise, Beanie Babies, Green Day and NSync CDs and Betamix tapes, and much more. In case you're wondering what The M-san Bunch has to say about this guy, this is the quote: "He, unlike most of our affliates, has failed to offer something to the table, for The Barney Bunch, and especially for The M-san Bunch; ever since he had lost his grip with reality, his life is pointless. Take off the shades, and you'll see a new world with easily defective electronics, like laptops." The sodas he is obsessed with are Surge, Crystal Pepsi, and worst of all, OK Soda. All of his hopes began in 1993 when Rocko and Legends of the Hidden Temple first aired. Sometimes, he had a chance to watch Beavis and Butthead (back when Butthead was gay) on MTV. The reason he is so fat is because back in 1997, he drank 90,000 Surge cans (you could obviously see why he's so obsessed with the '90s), causing his what-used-to-be fourth testicle to fall out. That "fourth testicle" eventually became Pikachu! Then in 1998, he started to play Pokemon, and eventually in 1999, EVERYBODY played Pokemon and became his friend. Like most '90s kids, he is nostalgic about the year 2000 as well. He bought a Game Boy Color and an infinite amount of Wonderballs (even the Spongebob ones). Sadly in 2002, no one wanted to play Pokemon with him anymore, so he met with Drew Pickles. He dropped out of high school with a 0.4 GPA.