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95Msan, also known as M-san Bunch Reloaded on YouTube, or Mark for short, is one of the few Speakonia users to make videos referencing the M-san Bunch, as well as the last user to make videos featuring its members. He joined the Speakonia community in 2012, whose text-to-speech videos first focused on Creepy Fat Autistic Kid and/or Drew Pickles at the time. Around November 8th, 2013, he was also one of the first Speakonia users to voice act a few of his characters, but was not the first in the community to have done so.


  • 95Msan is one of the few Speakonia users to have a Dailymotion account (M-saun).
  • In some fandoms, he's instead known as Origins | Mufasa, as shown here.
  • Some of his characters have artwork used through fair use, otherwise through his pixel art.
  • On ShoutWiki, his username is MrMark.
  • On January 25th, 2017, his YouTube information was updated to "95Msan / M-san Bunch Reloaded".