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Arnold (last name unknown) is a very h*mos*xual 4th Grader from the American city of Hillwood. He was born on October 7, 1987. Arnold was g*y for 6th Grade boys but as it turned out they were str*ight. In fact, everyone in Hillwood is str*ight except for Arnold, his grandpa, his gay b*tt buddy Gerald, and Helga's father Big Bob. A well known fact is that fellow 4th Grader Helga Pataki was in love with Arnold but knew that he was a flaming f*ggot so she became h*mophobic like everyone else in Hillwood and started harassing him. So Arnold left Hillwood and joined the Barney Bunch after having g*y s*x with fellow Nickelodeon star Drew Pickles. Arnold now has plans to return to Hillwood with his b*tt buddies to turn all of the str*ight h*mophobes gay and get his revenge. Arnold has a swell relationship with his grandpa Phil, and must shove d*ldiss up his *ss every 10 minutes in order to please him.