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Bakasurvivor2102 (formerly known as Bakasurvivor2101, shortened as Baka) is a member of the Speakonia Community who makes Go Animate videos, Speakonia videos, and Singonias. He is known to collaborate with TimmyT333 on various projects, such as the game series known as Speakonia Legends.

In Speakonia Legends

In Speakonia Legends, Baka acts as the party's tank. He is noted to be the descendant of Earth due to his calm way of expressing himself when not unleashing his fury.

Name: Bakasurvivor2102
Nicknames: Baka
Descended From: Earth
Starting Class: Furry
Advanced Classes: "YM" and "OK"
Starting Equipment: Wooden Sword and Fursuit
Description: A member of the speakonia community who is close friends with TimmyT333. Also a furry.

As any of his classes, he is the only one capable of using heavy armor. His starting class grants him the largest amount of life in the game, as well as the highest defense. His magic defense and luck is second highest, tied with RCDeschene as his first class. The main downsides are that he has very little adrenaline, and the lowest agility. This means he is likely to attack last (this is further guaranteed since all of his armor lowers his agility even further). He also lacks any kind of magic skills, and he lacks in the magic attack stat. However, he does have the second highest attack, which balances out when his sword is taken into account, as well as any accessories.

In his first advanced class, his agility and luck remain almost the same, as does his adrenaline. He does get a small boost to his attack as well. However, he gains a significant boost to his defenses and life. Even his magic attack gains a significant increase. He gains low level healing abilities and light elemental attacks as well to augment this increase in magic attack. He also gains access to bracelets.

In his second advanced class, he becomes a little more customizable. Rather than a significant increase to his defenses, he gains a significant increase to his attack and magic attack. He gains a miniscule boost to agility and luck (even when compared to the first advanced class) and he gains access to gloves and a new weapon type. The main downside, however, is that he has less magic defense, which grows much slower as well. His new skills consist of more attacks and dark elemental magic. The main reason that this class is more customizable is that it has the most equipment options. He keeps the ability to use swords, but his new weapon allows him to sacrifice the ability to use a glove/shield for more attack power, thus putting him in the role of a bruiser.