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Balto is a member of The Barney Bunch. He's the gayest wolf dog. When he was a little puppy, he was thrown out into the street because he was gay and tried to rape the male dogs and other animals in Alaska. He wanted to stay with a gay person but pretty much nobody wanted him because everyone in the Alaskan village was homophobic and didn't want to own a dog that was also part wolf. He also when he got older he met other butt buddies likes Muk, Luk, and especially Borris. They all later went to Drewland when they hijacked a boat to get there. They also invited several other gay people in America at the time to come live in Drewland because they were all a big fan of Drew Pickles Goes To Videos. He'd watch Drew's Videos everyday for a long time and has always wanted to rape Drew, Barney, Cap'n Crunch, Ronald McDonald, Guan Yu and the other Barney Bunch members since, and his dream finally came true. During M-san Bunch meetings, Balto would be Spirit's right hand bum-boy, should Spirit feel horny and to go to the "Bonding Room".