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Bambi is a member of the Barney Bunch and a leader of a sub-divisional group within the Barney Bunch: the Bambi Bunch. He is considered the gayest deer in history. His cock is 25 miles long. He was born in a Canadian forest in June 9, 1987. He was raped by his dad, the Great Prince of the Forest. He likes to rape his butt buddies Thumper, the owl, Flower, and Thumper's brothers; and his boyfriend, Ronno. He once worked as a hunter, but he was soon fired once his boss found out he was a deer. He hates Faline, his mom, Faline's mom, and Thumper's mom, because they are lesbians. He is also very gassy, with a lot of baked beans, McDonald's, poopy burritos, and other gassy foods. He and his butt buddies protect the Drewland Forest. He also gets horny every time he sees a male deer.