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He loves you, he loves me.
Personal Information
Birthday: January 17th, 69,000,000 BC (age 13,800,2015)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Occupation: Gay porn actor, rapist, pedophile, children's entertainer, drummer
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: African (birth), Drewish
Heritage: None
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Relationships: Drew Pickles (husband)
Origin: Barney and the Backyard Gang
Videos: Infinity
Penis Size: 900 billion parsecs long (the true size is infinite)

Barney is a major member of the Barney Bunch. He is one of the main 7 and is truly the world's gayest dinosaur, and also the oldest member. He has directed and starred many pornographic films since the beginning of film, with Barney's Swell Adventure being the most popular of them all. He has three testicles. He was born sometime in 69,000,000 BC on January 17th. He's actually, (believe this!) a little chubby. His cock is 900 billion lightyears long. He is also the biggest pedophile in existence.

Swell Filmography

Barney has starred in over 251971847389201473892174932 quadrillion gay porno films. Here are his best ones.

  • Barney T. Dinosaur (1894, earliest gay porno in existence)
  • A Dialdo to the Moon (1902, lost Film)
  • The Great Train Orgy (1903, only survives through fragments )
  • The Wright Brothers' Flying Dialdo (1903, lost film)
  • Barney's Swell Home Movies (1904, earliest Barney Bunch porno to survive)
  • San Francisco Earthquake Orgy XXX (1906)
  • The Wizard Of Ass (1907, lost film)
  • The First Ever Penis Car (1908)
  • Little Demo: Faggot Dreamer (1909)
  • Oliver Twist my Dick (1912)
  • Barney's Titanic Dialdo (1912)
  • Tarzan in the Apes XXX (1913)
  • Gertie the Triple Testicled Fagosaur (1914)
  • Birth of a Gay Nation (1915)
  • Lou Pickles Goes to the Trenches (1917, first Barney Bunch porno to star a member)
  • Barneyzilla, King of the Faggots (1954)

Barney's swell gallery

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