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The Barney Bunch is a group of people who makes funny YouTube SPAM videos about many characters in the Barney Bunch universe where it is a real group consisting mainly of Drew Pickles, Barney the Triple Testicle Dinosaur, Ronald McDonald (The Penis Clown), Dick the Clown, Clifford the Big Red Faggot, Arthur "Loves Cocks" Read, Ned Flanders, Cap'n Crunch, The Quaker Queer, Nigel Thornberry, and Chaz "The Fister" Finster. The main aspect about these characters are that they are very very very gay or philandrists. They are also allies of the M-san Bunch.

A full member list can be seen here.


The videos are made with a program called Speakonia and WMM or any other video editing software. They also used to make flash videos but the YouTube videos didn't use it often.

The Barney Bunch started out on Newgrounds on August 25, 2005, but was banned from the site in April 2006, with a few exceptions. However, the group decided to rebuild on YouTube on April 20, 2006.

Joining The Barney Bunch

While it is true the original BB content creators are long gone (save for StrawberryBarney, SovietBarney, LtheOriginal, TwistedBarney, and BooNube), we make sure the swellness carries on with our cocks and Speakonia programs. We are the next generation of the Barney Bunch, and while we aren't perfect, that doesn't mean we aren't swell! Make sure to recruit as many members as possible. The Barney Bunch is an ever growing community.

To join the swell group, you have to be gay (sometimes bisexual, in case women still turn you on for some weird reason) and have a penis with a size over 5 inches, or a female/male philandrist (the latter-most was originally standardized by The M-san Bunch). Plus, you don't have to hate women in order to join. Lesbians and homophobes are forbidden to join the swell group. If you are a male from Løkken, Denmark, you do not need to do the following steps below in order to join.

You must also do the following steps:

  1. Have Speakonia
  2. Make Drew Pickles/Pube Muppet videos.
  3. Shove 10,000 dildos up your ass.
  4. Go to the store and ask for some swell things, if they say no, rape him/kill her, if female, kill her immediately.
  5. Get the manager to step out of his office and rape him. (If female, kill.)
  6. Have a orgy with Fred Phelps, a beaner, Jack Tompson, etc.
  7. Repeat number 3.
  8. Kill all the women with only your dick (if you fail to do this, you will have to start the swell process all over!)
  9. Get raped by Drew Pickles. if you live, then congratulations, you are now a swell member of the Barney Bunch!

You also have to regularly make swell Speakonia videos. We recommend you start out with Drew Pickles videos (TUTORIALS). But if you want to, there are many other styles: Secret Missing Episode, Barney Bunch Movies, (Insert Character)'s Secret, (Insert Character) Talks/Speaks, Speakonia Dubbing, and many more! Drew is swell, but it does not hurt to be different! It does hurt to be raped though!