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The Barney Bunch community is a controversial group that was formed on August 25, 2005. They "attacked" Newgrounds in the mid-2000s, but they have since made a move to YouTube.


Newgrounds (2005-2006)

The group first appeared on Newgrounds in 2005. They made several flash animations featuring the 4 main members of the fictional Barney Bunch group: Drew Pickles, Barney, Ronald McDonald, and Dick the Clown. The characters were voiced by text to speech systems such as Microsoft Sam. The videos had a mixed reaction from the members at Newgrounds. However, in 2006, HiT Entertainment, owner of the Barney franchise, threatened to sue Newgrounds due to the large amount if Barney related videos. As a result, no more Barney Bunch videos were released on Newgrounds, and the keywords "barney" and "bb" have been removed from the search engine, and some members of the group were banned from the website. However, some Barney Bunch related content is released on Newgrounds occasionally. Several classic animations from the mid-2000s have been re-released, and they sometimes make appearances in new videos.

Wikipedia (2006-2008)

One of the group's lesser known ventures is their attacks on various Wikipedia articles. From 2006-2008, some people vandalized Wikipedia pages, mainly articles related to Rugrats and Barney & Friends. The vandalism no longer occurs, as the last known instance of such vandalism was in late 2008, on the article "List of Rugrats characters".

YouTube (2006-Present)

After the community was no longer able to release videos on Newgrounds (after HiT Entertainment threatened to take legal action), the group has since made a successful jump to YouTube. On April 20, 2006, StrawberryBarney released the Barney Bunch's first YouTube video, "Drew Pickles is REALLY, REALLY Gay". This was one of the earliest parody videos that was released on YouTube. While most of the original users from the Newgrounds era did not return, some made new YouTube videos. This has also attracted new members to the community. One of the most popular videos is "Drew Pickles Gets Sued" by Bigboyrats. Unlike the Newgrounds days, the videos have received far less controversy. Unfortunately, some videos have been taken down, due to copyright claims by some companies (notably Viacom).

DailyMotion (2012-Present)

Due to various problems on YouTube, some Barney Bunch videos have been released on DailyMotion. Unfortunately, the videos are far less popular than the ones released onto YouTube. However, this is the only website where the acclaimed former YouTube video, "The Drew Pickles Movie" can be watched. It was taken down on YouTube due to copyright issues. Unlike most of the other Barney Bunch videos on DailyMotion, the film has become somewhat successful.

Possible Return to Newgrounds

While the golden age of the Barney Bunch is long gone, it is possible that the Barney Bunch may someday return to Newgrounds. A revival has been planned a couple of times, but those plans were cancelled. Here's to hoping for a second golden age for the Barney Bunch!


These are people who are part of the community. They often make videos or edit wikis related to the Barney Bunch. If you are a member and you do not see your name on this list, feel free to add yourself.

Note: This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

StrawberryBarney: One of the original members from the Newgrounds era. He also uploaded the first Barney Bunch video on YouTube, "Drew Pickles is REALLY REALLY Gay".

SovietBarney: One of the original members from the Newgrounds era. He is known for making short flash animations featuring Drew Pickles and Chaz Finster in different comedic situations.

Bigboyrats: Joined the group in 2008. He makes several Speakonia dubs of Rugrats. His video "Drew Pickles Gets Sued" is one of the most famous Barney Bunch videos of the YouTube era.

ToiletPranker: Joined the community in November 2008, releasing his first video, "Drew Pickles Teaches Some Fag a Lesson". He makes several Speakonia videos and releases them on YouTube.

DrewPicklesOgre: Joined in 2011. Creates several Speakonia videos on YouTube.

DrewPicklesPictures: Released his first video, "Drew Pickles Goes to Robloxia" in 2011.

luigifan00001: Joined in 2013. His Barney Bunch videos are rather unique, as some of them are live-action. He is also one of the only verified YouTube accounts to have made Speakonia and/or Barney Bunch videos.

BooNube: A longtime member of the community, who first joined in 2007.

DJSwell69: Joined in 2012.

95Msan: Creator of the previously Dailymotion-exclusive M-san Bunch

JohnnyLurg: Joined in

RipperRoo9600: Not active user, but could post videos from time to time.

Former Members

These are people who were part of the community, but left for various reasons.

Note: This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

RetardedBarney: One of the original members from the Newgrounds era. He only stayed from 2005 to 2006. He made a brief comeback as "dr00pickles" on YouTube in 2009.

NaziBarney: One of the original members from the Newgrounds era. Unlike most of the Barney Bunch members on Newgrounds, his account is still up.

TwistedBarney: One of the original members from the Newgrounds era. It is unknown when or why he left the community.

BarneyBunchHistorian: Joined the community in May 2012, left in late 2012. Left for unknown reasons. Whereabouts unknown.

MiklosMac: Joined the community in July 2012. He was kicked out for attacking the wiki that same year. He is now considered a nuisance and a troll, and is widely hated by the Barney Bunch community.

HardcoreGamer4Life: Joined the community in 2009. He created the now well known "Drew Pickles Goes To" series. His YouTube account is currently suspended.

BarneyBunch4Ever: Was a member who made Speakonia videos on YouTube. He left in 2008 and his YouTube account is currently suspended.