Bentley the Yeti

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Bentley the Yeti (aka Bentley the Unswell Yeti) (b. March 14, 1986 - d. August 23, 2015) is a very h*m*ph*bic yeti. He is a member of Waternoose Incorporated and the Censored Bunch. Because Drew Pickles, Barney, Ronald McDonald, D*ck the Clown, The Quaker Q***r, and Ripper Roo smacked him with their massive 200+ mile long c*cks, he was though to be dead; however, Rosalina, Dr. Neo Cortex, and Hayden Panettiere saved him, and let him join the Censored Bunch and Waternoose Incorporated. He is also a big ally of the '80s Clan. He hates grunge music; whenever he hears Nirvana on a Drewland stereo system, he smashes it with his giant ice club. His main goal is to destroy every single McDonalds and Lou's Magic Wrenches in Drewland and he is TEAMED up with Ferris Bueller and the Straight King to do so. He was murdered by Ripper Roo on August 23, 2015 by three gun shot wounds; one bullet went to his head, the other went to his chest, and the third one went to his neck. Later on his body was blown up by a bunch of nitro crates.