Boner Baseball

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Boner Baseball is the national cummy game of the Barney Bunch.


The game was created by Heinrich von Sugarbottom, an ex-Chocolate factory worker/ex-Chocolate entrepreneur/ex-CDRR villain who ate the flying penis that warned Drew Pickles when he 11 years old of the coming (hemaha cumming) return of the alien homophobia god Swellnomore, that caused him to turn gay for no absolute reason at all. He then rounded up a group of sexy spirits and made it national.


  • Drew's Cumsocks
  • Angelica's Angels
  • Barney's Little Kids
  • The Engines of Sodor's Coal Hoppers
  • Wayside School Bonerball Juniors
  • Ripper Roo's Sploogees
  • C-3PO's Ficksahne männer
  • Ronald McDonald's Big Macs
  • Ned Flanders' Prostates
  • The Repulsa Republic People's Bonerball Team
  • Stu's Pawnails (the Triple-A affiliate of the Cumsocks, co-owned by the Ketchum Klan)
  • Betty's Bitches
  • Beach Bear's Wankees
  • Rolfe DeWolfe's Red Rockets


  • Barney's Penis World - Quazon, Drewland
  • Sam Boyd Stadium - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Fenway Park - Boston, Massachusetts, USA (referred to as JetBlue Park at Fenway for sponsorship reasons)