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Boomerang Bro (born February 18, 1972) is one of the most hated organisms in all Drewland soil. He formed The Censored Bunch in 1995 due to constant Barney Bunch hate and to promote the then-popular eurodance. He also made the Girlsored Bunch (female version of Censored Bunch) in 1999 to promote teen pop and make Drewlanders feel more annoyed than ever before. Due to his actions, Layne Staley ran away from the Seattle grunge scene, stores began selling less and less grungy clothes, TRL premiered on MTV, and teen pop was promoted. He also plotted the Las Grungas Massacre as an early birthday present for The Straight King. He is Drewland's most wanted man, and the reward to catch him is a billion Drewland dollars.