Bozo the Clown

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Bozo the Faggot Clown
Andy Amyx as Bozo.jpg
"Always keep fapping!"
Personal Information
Birthday: 1925
Zodiac: Oxen
Occupation: Gay porn actor, clown, children's entertainer, general maniac
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: American (birth), Drewish
Heritage: American
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Relationships: His fellow circus clowns
Origin: Bozo the Clown franchise
Videos: Very few
Penis Size: 643 miles long

Bozo the Clown (b. 1925) is the previously bisexual uncle of Ronald "Penis Clown" McDonald and Dick the Clown, as well as a optimistically swell member of the Barney Bunch. He used to flirt with mothers of children he enjoyed seeing, especially the little boys. Later, after thinking long and hard, he concluded with himself that he enjoyed life the most when having gay sex with his best butt buddy, Mr. Lion, one of the gayest feline artists in the clown porn industry. The reason why Mr. Lion works in the clown porn industry is that Bozo loves it when he and Mr. Lion double penetrate a man, usually during anal and/or oral sex. Sometimes,


  • Ripper Roo: Bozo has tried using him as a dialdo, but they've apparently had no luck yet.
  • Pennywise: Bozo enjoys gay buttsex with this serial killer, as with most of the male clowns.

His Gallery


  • Sadly, some of his actors are deceased.
    • Then again, he's been an American mascot since even before the 1960s, about 1940s at the earliest.
  • Bozo is one of the only Barney Bunch members to have a record of being bisexual and homosexual at some point in his life.
  • Sometimes, Bozo has raped male homophobes out of self-defense.
  • He is related to FuckingEasterBunny.
  • Bozo has been known as Bozo the Faggot Clown in some of his gay porn.