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Bubibinman (pro. boo-bee-been-man), also known as Buzzingman or Buzzoman (born May 17, 1962) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is an extremely gay fly-themed superhero who loves to eat the shit that comes out of the assholes of gay men (especially his own, in which he mixes with his own cum to make his favorite food), and to rape men and/or beat women (outside of the MsB/NSB/LKK) to death with his 35-metre long shit-covered cock. His main job is to rape and arrest homophobes who has stepped foot on Drewland, to guard the Dildo Vault and to prevent anyone from stealing the dildis, to save his fellow BB members from being raped by heterosexual women, and to prevent the Pube Muppet from receiving homosexual satisfaction. His superpowers include flight (he does this by farting), super-strength (thanks to his chronic masturbation), and the ability to make lassos from his own congealed sperm, which he uses to catch and tie up enemies. He also serves as one of Drew Pickles' personal bodyguards, should Danny Cat, Maid Marian, The Straight King, Nega-Drew Pickles, and/or Hayden Panettiere try to kill him and/or fuck up his life and/or reputation. He also likes to dip dildis in his own diarrhea and jizz all over them before stuffing them up his ass. He also gives the swellest Cleveland steamers, and he enjoys hosting gay poopy scat orgies with the other members of the Barney Bunch. His best butt-buddies are Suppaman (aka Sourman) and Dong Zhuo. However, due to his vomit-inducing fetish, he is forbidden from becoming a member, let alone an ally, of the M-san/Nonsexist Bunch.

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