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The C-3PO Fag-bot (b. January 14, 1968) is a major member of the Barney Bunch. His life began early in 1968 somewhere in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. He was born with the name of Hans Friedrich Schwanz. He moved to N. Sanity Island in 1982 and met Ripper Roo the following year. He has been Ripper Roo's best friend since they first met in 1983. They both love each other and they actually live together. He, Ripper Roo, and Ken first met Drew Pickles on January 11, 1997. He is the CEO of RPR 960 until the unswell girl with a name that shouldn't be mentioned and this horrible cat destroyed it. He hates his cousin the TC-14 Dyke-bot because she is a lesbian as well as a member of the Fergo Bunch.

Behavior in Germany

He refused to make the blonde "Nordic" girls serve his family beer during Oktoberfest festivals. Instead, he wanted men to do it. He suffers from EXTREME gynophobia (the fear of women). He also refused to eat regular homemade strudels (eg. Apfel Strudel). He made his very own strudels called ficksahnestrudel, which is a very swell homemade recipe! He also rapes the male animals from the Black Forest! He also LOVES the Kraftwerk robots, as they make him feel horny. He has raped all 4 of Kraftwerk's swell members over 69,000 times.