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This is him.

Caillou is a member of the Barney Bunch. He was kicked out of his own home by his parents for raping his cat, as well as throwing bitchy, whiny, bratty, temper tantrums every 69 milliseconds. After forcing him out into the streets, no-one would take him seriously because of such a queer he was. Then he found the Barney Bunch and Drew Pickles and became a major member. Caillou enjoys bestiality, and likes to drink Drew Pickles' cum. When he doesn't get enough gay sex, he throws a tantrum until he gets raped by Drew Pickles to satisfy his needs. His ballsack is as large as Spaceship Earth. He loves crap bread more than anyone else. He also has the biggest navel fetish, hence he is a rival of The Conehead Groom.