Captain Underpants

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"Benjamin" Benny Krupp (aka Captain Underpants) is a member of The Barney Bunch. He likes to use sh*t for his underpants to use as a slingshot.

Personal Life

Mr. Krupp is a b*tchy principle of George and Harold's school. He gets really p*ssed off at George and Harold for pulling funny pranks. Until George and Harold hypnotized him and he turns to Captain Underpants. When he finds a guy (Drew Pickles) having s*x with a dinosaur (Barney).Captain Underpants wanted to join the *rgy with them. So Drew Pickles invited him and thats when Captain Underpants gets g*y, who's now a member of The Barney Bunch. Back in Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, he begins to have *rg**s with all the males in school, especially the teachers. Also, there's another villian who is a giant p*nis with legs and balls. So George and Harold hynotized Mr. Krupp and turned into Captain Underpants. Also he invites some superhero members to beat the villians. He has helped the M-san Bunch by giving some of the young men very swell childhoods!