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CatDog, named after a Nicktoon they starred in, is a member of The Barney Bunch. They are the gayest hybrid animal on Earth. In addition to an extra pair of penises that are internal, they have interior asses and they rape each other all the time. They like to rape an on-and-off friend/ally of theirs named Winslow [of the same animated series they are from] (a former Humpy Dumpy Clan member before both The Humpy Dumpy Clan and The Horny Gang later joined The Barney Bunch later on) whenever he's around. They also like to annoy The Greaser Dogs very often, especially Shriek, who has had a crush on Dog, until she found out that he was gay.


  • Some argue that they are the hugest incest freaks of any hybrid in existence.
    • However, this isn't to say they don't have competition.