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The Pedo coffin himself.
Cofagrigus, wow what a name. He was born on March 12, 1984 to a bunch of gay coffins and sphinxes. King Ramses was his pimp daddy at age 1. He is also known as the Pedo Coffin. He is a smart massive murderer who is a major member of The Barney Bunch. He wraps shit in gold foil, in order to make his favorite food. He lures people to his coffin, then rapes them after wrapping them in toilet paper. He runs the Drewland Bakery as one of the trio of the positive managers. His butt buddies are Yamask, Goletts, Dark Wizzerd, the Ass cat, and Spy. He is also one of Drew Pickles' personal chefs, and much better than Pube Swedish Chef. He is one of the 2 treasurers of the Drewland government. Unfortunately, he eats all of the gold, or at least he tries. He dated Goombella once when he was straight, and is still friends with her today. He hates the Managers, due to the fact that they give him a bad rap.
Don't let him ensnare you!