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Cornelius Badger was an unswell member of The Rusty Group. He now hates the unswell Danny Cat for lacking philandry. He was born in 1948. He was a gay porn star from 1976 until Gays Don't Dance in 1997 when he becomes bisexual. Sometimes, he also wears clothes intended for women. He made Abigail Woodmouse, Egdar Mole and Russel Hedgehog join Waternoose Incorporated, because they like him so they become allies. He made Michelle Badger join The Rusty Group, because she is a heterosexual. He used to make unswell Eurobeat music and songs with ABBA. In the M-san Bunch, he works as scientist, and had engineered a sword for M-san branded Jishin (pronounced gee-sheen) 1.1. He has a wiki account: Real Cornelius Badger for his non-fictional half. He also joined The Barney Bunch. He is also a main member of the Barney Bunch.

His Most Infamous Experiments

With Cornelius being one of the few scientists among the M-san Bunch, he has little to work with, but he had created the "Blitzusano" (pronounced blitz-oo-saun-oh), which is a machine responsible for wiping out all female clones of Barney Bunch members/enemies, except Female Drew Pickles, who wasn't fazed by the effects at all. He has also developed a ring coded "Mortal1.0", which grants stronger muscles, unbeatable resistance to black magic, and immortality (as long as you wear this ring). The catch; the longer you wear it, the more of your testosterone/estrogen/libido gradually slips away, thus possibly gambling your sex life. Luckily, Arachne's spells won't affect you, but those who can master Genjutsu will defeat her. Blockbot for the wikis is a machine that can block most bad guys on the wiki. AntiVandalbot can stop vandalism and rollback vandalized edit. Additionally, he has starred in pornography, where his hands get really useful.

Cornelius' Gallery


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