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Danny Cat was a very unswell member of The Censored Bunch, Waternoose Incorporated and most of the homophobic groups, alongside . He used to be in The Rusty Group, and Unswell Society, until it broke up in 2003. He hated The Barney Bunch, and other homosexuals. His "friends" were Chester Bennington, Peter Pan and Parental Advisory Sticker. He helped Vixey of the Female M-san Bunch in trying to defeat The M-san Bunch, with no luck. He masturbated to women and lesbian porn (fucking pervert, says Miyu). His personal goal was to turn the Betty Bunch and Barney Bunch straight.

His ex-wife is Sawyer Cat, and his most recent wife was Maid Marian. He really hated the Barney Bunch and especially The M-san Bunch, with the latter having busty, anthropomorphic felines. He has 68 kids like Danny Cat Jr., Tom Cat, Robin Hood (one of the worst of the 68), Pawyer Cat (who is "gayer" than Drew Pickles), etc.. His parents are Danny Cat, Sr. and Anya Cat. His pet is a pile of poop named Alfe. Somehow, he accidentally made Pube Cookie Monster while he was on the toilet.


  • He liked varieties of genres of music including Grunge, despite the fact that he hates the Barney Bunch.
  • Despite being a feline, the M-san Bunch hated his aborted anti-gay guts. He is known as personification of all evil unswell enemies. Plus, Sawyer VOWED to divorce Danny if she caught him fucking a man's asshole. Scratch that, she may as well file them now, since she has "plans" (Could it be that she is starting to care about... 'gasp' "Danny Cat's most hated Bunch"?).

Danny Cat's Unswell Gallery

Too unswell to be restored.

Reactions from Others

  • "Oh God, he is the worst enemy of all enemies." ~Robin Hood
  • "Now that another pervert passed away, I can sleep much easier tonight." ~Miyu Lynx
  • "As a feline, it's refreshing to know that he won't give my species a bad name any longer." ~Katt
  • "Oh, Tei! (Kiss) You took down Danny Cat as well?! No wonder we [the M-san Bunch] consider you the strongest man of the group!" ~"Sue" the Bisexual Suicune