Danny Cat, Sr. and Anya Cat

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Danny Cat, Sr. and Anya Cat are unswell parents of Danny Cat(which is a member of Rusty and Rosy and Friends). They really really hate Drew Pickles and his friends. Danny Cat, Sr is born from George Cucumber. Anya Cat is less anti-gay, but shows high levels of disgust for lactating/girly males, therefore pissing off The M-san Bunch and Transvestite Liberation Front, respectively. Danny Cat, Sr. is even more homophobic than his son, but does not wish harm upon bisexuals, unlike Danny Cat. Of the four anti-gay cats, Danny Cat, here is the order from least disliked among the Barney Bunch (first 2), to the most repulsive (last 2); left to right: Sawyer Cat, Danny Cat (Sr.), Anya Cat, Danny Cat (a.k.a. Danny Cunt, according to Salem).