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Devo by-janet-macoska 78 zps2tvvzsz5.jpg
Devo, seen here in this Q/A-era promotional photo preparing to have a buttsex orgy in front of a piece of artwork.
Personal Information
Birthday: Mark Mothersbaugh: May 18, 1950 (age 66)

Gerald Casale: July 28, 1948 (age 68)
Bob Mothersbaugh: August 11, 1952 (age 64)
Josh Freese: December 25, 1972 (age 44)
Josh Hager: Unknown (age unknown)

Zodiac: Rooster
Occupation: Gay porn actors, musicians, weirdos, electronic lovers
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: American (births), Drewish
Heritage: American
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Origin: Their music
Videos: Very few
Penis Size: Mark Mothersbaugh: 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lightyears long, Gerald Casale: 89 yards long, Bob Mothersbaugh: 69,000 square feet long, Josh Freese: 99 centimeters long, Josh Hager: 12,000 miles long

Devo are a group of swell gay faggots that are destined to surpass every member of the Barney Bunch and become the gayest men in every multiverse in the omniverse. The group consists of Mark Mothersbaugh on vocals, synthesizer, guitar, and keyboards, who's cock is a whopping 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lightyears long, Gerald Casale aka Jerry on synthesizer and electric bass guitar, who's cock is 89 yards long, Bob Mothersbaugh who used to be also known as Bob 1 on electric guitar who is undergoing gender reassignment (female to male), who will be given a 69,000 square feet long cock, Josh Freese aka Josh 1 on drums, who's cock is 99 centimeters long, and last but not least, Josh Hager aka Josh 2 on synthesizer and rhythm guitar, who's cock is 12,000 miles long.

Members of Devo


Mark Mothersbaugh, vocalist, keyboardist, and sometimes guitarist. Mark is the gayest of the group. He has a fetish for gay The Beatles hentai and has fucked his brother Bob in the ass 180,000 times. He broke Tommy James' world record of the most cocks taken up one asshole in 1992 when he took 72935329752389750327052350983274239024828621486124682746124722468126124672912612461289474646287428174182246124729353297523897503270523509832742390248286214861246827461247224681261246729126124612894746462874281741822461247293532975238975032705235098327423902482862148612468274612472246812612467291261246128947464628742817418224612472935329752389750327052350983274239024828621486124682746124722468126124672912612461289474646287428174182246124 cocks up his ass during a Metallica concert at Weedsport Speedway in Weedsport, New York. Previous record holder Roger Daltrey, who coincidentally attended the concert, again witnessed this foul sight of demotion and like when he killed Tommy James at a Kraftwerk concert in 1990, got so mad he tried to smash Mark's head against the nearest wall, however Mark began fucking Roger in the ass at the last second.

Gerald Casale, keyboardist and bassist. Jerry is the second-gayest of the group. He loves to shove his Steinberger L2 bass up his ass and puke it out his mouth. He has called Hector's cat penis huge, spikey, and extremely tasty and when he was a kid he had a really gay poopy cummy 16mm film camera-recorded threeway.

Bob Mothersbaugh, guitarist. The original Bob died in 1984 from a cocaine overdose following a Devo concert at the Warner Beverley Hills Theatre, so Devo kidnapped a random tomboy girl off the streets of Beverly Hills and forced her to have a sex change.

Josh Freese, drummer. Josh 1 is the youngest gay faggot of the group, spawned when Jizmak Da Gusha of Gwar and David Kendrick of Sparks had a really gay poopy cummy Fisher-Price PXL2000-recorded twosome at a Rolling Stones concert at the West High School Auditorium in Gary, Indiana.

Josh Hager, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist. Florian of Kraftwerk's illegitimate son. He loves to have Josh 1 shove his 40-something cock into his tight wet bumhole.


Alan Myers, drummer. Alan Myers was a Jew who enjoyed having gay buttsex with other Jews and using his own extendable nose as a dildo. He left in 1987 after breaking his penis during a gay orgy with The Who. In 2013, he died from witnessing an anti-LGBT rights rally occur from outside his house.

Bob Casale, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist. Bob 2 was a really gay poopy faggot who enjoyed using his Ibanez Talman as a dildo. In 2014, he broke his penis during a gay buttsex session with Cleo (who is actually a pansexual hermaphrodite). He died instantly.


  • Q: Are We Not Heterosexuals? A: We are Homos! (1978)
  • Devo Sell Dildos (1979)
  • Freedom to Fuck (1980)
  • Devo New Traditionalist Orgy XXX (1981)
  • Oh, No! It's The Gay Poopy Faggots Known as Devo (1982)
  • Shout for Sex (1984)
  • Total Devo XXX (1988)
  • Smooth Noodle Dicks (1990)
  • Something for Faggots (2010)