Donut Joe

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Donut Joe (b. January 29, 1996) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He uses donuts as d*l**s, in hopes that he'll burn them real good with his c*m-filled a** (in the morning, Big Mac has g*y s*x with hot pony studs as a warm up for any org**s that would happen)! He is one of the only people who work both at McDonalds and their own place. He is also a student at Drewland High School. He also has a very swell horn he uses as a d*ldo. His main goal is to become an M-san Bunch chef, because his main friend is Pi, who's one of the only M-san Bunch members to have a voice actress. One of his major enemies is Zomom, for constantly stealing donuts from him.