Drew Dickles

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Drew Dickles.png
Andrew Louis "Drew" Dickles is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is a clone of Drew Pickles with balls for eyes and a dick for a nose. On July 21, 2005, Drew Pickles went to a mad scientist's laboratory where he raped the mad scientist with his 300 mile long cock. When he came while raping the scientist, some of his cum squirted into a cloning machine. With Drew's DNA in the machine, an exact copy of Drew was created, although some of his cum screwed up the cloning process which caused the clone to have balls and a dick instead of eyes and a nose, respectively. Drew Pickles met this new creation of himself and the first thing they did was screw each other for 12 hours straight. After this, Drew Dickles escaped from the laboratory and was never seen again, though some reports of Drew Pickles rapes were noted with balls and a penis for eyes and a nose. This means that he is likely delivering the swellness just like his original counterpart, Drew Pickles.