Drew Pickles Fucks Chaz Finster

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Drew Pickles Fucks Chaz Finster is a 1967 gay pornographic film written, produced by and starring Drew Pickles and directed by Barney.

This porno is significant for being the very first film to star Drew Pickles who had previously spent the last 10 years of his career writing screenplays for several of the Barney Bunch's early pornos.

After the test screening of the porno Buttman (which was written by Pickles), Barney was so impressed by the film's results that he gave Pickles the go-ahead to act in and star in a porno of his own (even though at the time, Pickles had no experience in acting).

Originally, Pickles was going to be paired up with Astro Boy, but because of the many pornos Astro starred in up to that point, he was rejected and Pickles chose his 16-year old friend and newcomer to the gay porno industry, Chaz Finster, to be his co-star.

Shortly after the theatrical release of Buttman, the porno was rushed into production, being filmed in less than 6 days in Apple Valley, California on a budget of only $100, and on July 7, 1967, Drew Pickles Fucks Chaz Finster was released in the United States. Upon release, the film was met with rave reviews by homosexual audiences everywhere and it earned $48 million in the United States and $21 million overseas, totaling $69 million, making it one of the earliest gay pornos to garner commercial success and the highest grossing gay porno of all time, until Cocksuckers from the Soviet Union broke the record in 1969.

Despite its success, however, conservative audiences were horrified by the film and led protest rallies outside of several movie theaters demanding it to get banned. The film ended up getting banned in several Southern states and in countries were pornography and homosexuality are/were illegal.

In spite of this, this film is responsible for launching the careers of Drew Pickles and Chaz Finster, and today is considered one of the greatest gay pornographic films of all time. It was selected to become part of the Drewland National Gay Porno Registry by the Homosexual Library of Congress in its first year of opening (1989) for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant", and was selected for preservation by the United States National Film Registry a year later.


The film opens with Drew Pickles introducing himself to the audience and talking about his homosexuality and penis size.

Afterwards he declares that he will be going to chess club geek Chaz Finster's house to have a super swell orgy with him (complete with LSD and dildos).

Drew then hops in an early version of his penis car and drives over to Chaz's house. The film then cuts to Chaz reading a Mad magazine and getting really really horny by it.

There is then a knock at the door. Chaz opens the door and Drew enters and tells Chaz that he has decided to have a really swell orgy with him.

Excited by the idea, Chaz suggests to Drew that they should get really high on LSD before the orgy. Drew then agrees with Chaz's idea. Drew and Chaz then proceed to get high and get terrified by their own hallucinations.

After they sober up, Drew and Chaz proceed to have their orgy. After Drew's orgasm, Chaz then takes turns and fucks Drew in his ass. After fucking Drew for 47 seconds, Chaz ejaculates all over the camera. If you listen very closely, you can hear Barney scolding Chaz for jizzing all over the camera. The film then abruptly ends.