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Drewland is a "cum-munnist" country, and is where The Barney Bunch lives, and is adjacent to San Francisco, California, South of Sawyera Arabia and south of Bettyland. The Drewland-Bettyland-Sawyera Arabia Demilitarized Zone surrounds the three countries on all sides.

The country has many trade embargoes against it, except for China, Bettyland, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, and North Korea.

National Anthem


There is a Dialdo Vault for Drew's dildis, but even with an obnoxious alarm that shouts "Someone is attempting to steal the dildis!" over and over, there are at least a couple successful dialdo robberies. The Rusty Group stole the dildis from dialdo vault and escaped to Sawyera Arabia successfully. Those who fail to rob the dialdo vault are punished with a brutal ass raping. It should also be noted that this dialdo vault contains approximately 69 centillion dildis. Drewland also has "Barney's Penis World" a indoor athletic stadium where all their swell sports games and homosexual conventions take place. Drewland's sports teams include the Drewland Orgies in the NFL, the Drewland Assfuckers in the CFL, the Drewland Cumguzzlers in the AFL, the Drewland Boners in MLB, the Drewland Manfluids in the NHL, the Drewland Sex Niggers in the NBA, and the Drewland Testicles in MLS. You never get to see their swell games on TV due to the sexiness. The home of Drew Pickles, overlord of Drewland, is the Drew Pickles Gay Mansion. In the main city, the Drewland Hospital for Gay Men sits between Manfluid Avenue and Blackbutt Boulevard. Lake Cum can be found miles away from the city. Bakeries and Bars exist, like Dark Wizzerd's handshake bar. Need something repaired? That's why Lou's magic wrench exists. There is also the Drewland synagogue and church, run by The Conehead Groom and a guy in a cloak, (Danny Dingo.) Want to rest? There's many hotels and motels in Drewland, but there's nothing like Best Western Drew City, run by Chuck E. Cheese. It has cable, an indoor pool, is air-conditioned, has flat-screen TV's, and a McDonald's inside.


  • Drew City
  • Gay Boston
  • Panu-Panu
  • Dildo Ranch
  • Hell
  • Quazon
  • Cok
  • New San Francisco
  • South Sawyera


In 1968, Drew Pickles was challenged by his father Lou's gay animal butt buddy Beach Bear (the one in the Wolf Pack 5 and not the one in the Rock-afire Explosion, hahaha Explosion) to create a micronation. So he invited every LGBT faggot (even the female LGBT faggots) he knew to swim out into the ocean, and they took huge plops of shit and mashed together three lands: Sawyera Arabia, Bettyland, and Drewland. All three countries were then born. Intially the only things to eat were McDonald's (smuggled from the location at 10207 Lakewood Blvd. in Downey, California and later a location in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire) and KFC (smuggled from the non-de facto franchises because reasons) and all there was to drink was RC Cola.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was not okay with the land being created by shit from three believed "terrorist" groups, Barney's Home of Homosexuals (now known as the Barney Bunch), Betty's Lesbian Army (now known as the Betty Bunch) and Amelia Bedila's Foot Fuckers (now known as the Ketchum Klan), and American military troops were sent to arrest the groups, but they fought back by raping all the soldiers and sending a wave of cum to wipe them all out. This led to a battle that lasted until June 9, 1969 when the groups submitted the Declaration of Swelldepence, officially declaring Drewland, Bettyland, and Sawyera Arabia an independent nation from a country that wanting nothing to do with them in the first place.

Invasion of Swellington

After Henry J. Waternoose and his homophobes bombed the second largest dildo factory in Drewland, this caused its economy to slow down. So this started a conflict between Drewland and Henry J. Waternoose. Then on July 3rd, 2012, Waternoose and his company Waternoose Incorporated invaded Swellington. The next day, Drew Pickles, Chaz Finster, and Barney announced that they would send over a thousand troops from their queer military to find their secret headquarters. Drew stated that the weapons have been improved, including an arsenal of cum cannons, poopy pistols, and spermthrowers.

Waternoose Incorporated later disbanded upon their location being found out and were never heard from again.

Friendship Enforcers Invasion

In 2016, the Friendship Enforcers (consisting of the "Prime Leader" (which later turned out to be Mister Rogers), Foxy Colleen (aka "THE CONDUCTOR OF 1/22, 1/23, AND 1/24"), Alex Jones, and Pennywise the Dancing Clown) and their troops invaded Drewland, turning the country into a barren wasteland. The country has since been redeveloped.


In 2052, the Barney Bunch will merge the whole population of Drewland, including themselves in a machine in order to survive the plague known as the Gray Death.

In 2169 it will be safe to un-merge the population, becoming independent again and continue with the regular life of the normal citizen. However, the Barney Bunch  will have a space program going on. In 2269, Drewland will develop a penis rocket that could take one to at least the closest Solar System in about 69 hours. The people of Drewland will colonize many worlds and terraform them, and making all the animals gay.

After colonizing many worlds in various solar systems, the Galactic Republic of Drewland will be formed.

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