Drewland National Railways

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Drewland National Railways is the national railway company of Drewland.

Engines used

Even though the locomotives and equipment running Drewland National Railways are most of the time leased from standard gauge North American and Chinese railroads, a large number of the rolling stock operated is actually owned by the railroad.

  • 20 EMD SD40-2's (1983-present, last two ex-RFFSA)
  • 5 ex-CSX EMD SD40's (2001-present)
  • 4 ex-LNER Gresley Class A3 4-6-2 steam locomotives (1969-present)
  • 2 ex-LMS Fowler Class 3F 0-6-0T steam locomotives (1969-present)
  • 9 ex-GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 steam locomotives (1969-present)
  • 3 ex-GWR King Class 4-6-0 steam locomotives (1969-present)
  • 1 ex-LBSCR Class A1x "Terrier" 0-6-0T steam locomotive (1969-present)
  • 4 ex-BR Class 40 diesel locomotives (1996-present)
  • 9 ex-BR Class 55 "Deltic" diesel locomotives (1996-present)
  • 7 ex-PRR K4 4-6-2 steam locomotives (1969-present)
  • 1 "Drew Choo-Train" (1998-present, SD40-2 modified to resemble a steam locomotive)
  • 1 ex-Furness Railway K2 4-4-0 steam locomotive (sometime in the 1930's-present)
  • 5 ex-D&RGW EMD SD40T-2's (1995-present, all still in Rio Grande paint)
  • 2 ex-EDMX EMD GP35's (1972-present)
  • 6 ex-China Railways KF 4-8-4 steam locomotives (1980's-present)
  • 2 China Railways JS 2-8-2 steam locomotives (1987-present)
  • 6 China Railways SY 2-8-2 steam locomotives (1993-present)


  • Drewland National Railways had its first derailment in 1977, when an EMD GP35 hauling 69 B&O boxcars loaded with dildos derailed near the border with Bettyland. Luckily, nobody was harmed in the derailment, and every single piece of rolling stock involved was returned to active service by 1978. The EMD GP35 suffered no damage whatsoever.
  • A collision occurred in 1988, outside of Dildo Ranch, when a DNR Castle Class 4-6-0 steam locomotive hauling 78 autoracks collided with two EMD SD40-2's hauling 109 Fruit Growers Express boxcars loaded with pineapples and oranges. The DNR Castle Class was damaged beyond all recognition, and underwent a major rebuild at the Bluebell Railway in the United Kingdom. The leading EMD SD40-2 lost it's cab as a result, and was rebuilt with a spare Deltic cab DNR had, giving it the nickname "The Ugly Duckling"
  • A highly-publicized hijacking occurred in 2008 of a train hauled by 2 EMD SD40T-2's and 1 EMD GP35 by a American terrorist organization called DestroyGayPornForKids.
  • Another hijacking occured in 2011 of a train hauled by a leased China Railways ND5 locomotive, numbered 0085, by Waternoose Incorporated.