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The Enderman is a mob on Minecraft who is very g*y. Since he is black, tall, steals stuff, and gets mad when you look at him, he is classified as a African-American. Also, he has a giant p*nis (18 inches!!!), and is amazing at fisting. Those last two facts were from Notch. The Endermen often like to be r*ped by the Enderdragon. You can buy a video of it on eG*y for 5 dollars. He is one of the (unfortunate) targets of the P*be Muppet, who gets visited in Pube Muppet Visits Some S*xy Endermen and P*be Muppet Goes To The End. Luckily, the P*be Muppet gets no satisfaction, and the Enderman, as long as P*bey gets no satisfaction, can stay in the Barney Bunch. His old-timey counterpart is the Tall Negro Cube-Stealing Shadow Man. If you are g*y, do NOT search for Enderman on Rule 34. There are many female pictures there.