Female M-san Bunch/The Kunoichi Bunch

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The Female M-san Bunch was an ally of the Betty Bunch. Generally, they are lesbians verson of M-san Bunch.


Tranny Salem

Female Creepy Fat Autistic Kid

Female Menrol Duo

Here are a few differences that seperate said groups:

Original M-san Bunch Female M-san Bunch
Mostly Male group Mostly Female group
Pro-Philandry Pro-Feminist
Anti-Feminist Anti-Philandry
Have Führer der M-san Bunch Don't have a clone of Führer der M-san Bunch
Dikes generally disgust them Gay males genrally disgust them
Gay males are accepted

Lesbians are accepted

Don't have " The "Lovely" Vixen They've got her, as ;Führer der Female M-san Bunch!

There are Some Similarities

Hates Homophobes
Hates The Humongous Bunch
Heterosexuals occasionally disgust both of them (reasons may differ)
Rivals of both groups and the Bunch they support.