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FireGoron in his self-drawn cartoon form.
FireGoron, now known as FireGoronReturns, is one of the oldest if not one of the first members of the Speakonia Community and one of the pioneers of Speakonia videos on YouTube.


Inspired by HoodboyTails, he started off by making the Sonic X Bloopers series, which was inspired by Secret Missing Episode Speakonias. He had an actual plot to them, but took things a little more seriously by using several screenshots from the source material to help tell the story. Unfortunately, these weren't well received by the more hardcore Sonic fans. FireGoron also joined forces with Buuhan2 (now MugiMikey), DBZsonic (now Kovox00), and funny1allways (now MajinReborn) to make one of the first speakonia collaboration groups since The Barney Bunch, known as SexNiggersBlack.

Since then, FireGoron primarily made videos on SexNiggersBlack instead of his own channel, as his interest in videos had moved more towards the direction of voice dubbing. After watching a video by DBZsonic (on an alt account UltimateZDawn), which combined Speakonia with actual moving anime footage instead of just still images, FireGoron adopted this video style and went on to make "Full Motion Speakonias" which were just like voice dubbing, but using Speakonia instead. In place of Rape Scenes, repetitive "ha's" were often used when a character was performing an intense action on screen like a punch, or sword swing. This became the dominant video type on SexNiggersBlack, however other users such as Buuhan2 also made these types of Speakonia videos, primarily over One Piece footage.

Near the end of SexNiggersBlack, FireGoron went on to invent the Singonia, which applied a synthesized voice over song, similar to Vocaloid. Using tools like Melody Assistant, he created parodies of songs such as the Zelda Themesong, Sonic SATAM Themesong, Megaman X Intro Stage and Street Fighter II Ken's theme. For many years FireGoron kept the secret of Singonia to himself, but sometime around 2011 he revealed the secret to timmyt333 and Bakasurvivor2102.

In his final years of being active, FireGoron made videos that pushed the limits of the genre, combining Speakonia with Singonia, Full Motion videos with classics, showing what a pro could really do with the software. Finally in 2014, FireGoron released a video on his account FireGoronReturns of him making a Singonia in Melody Assistant, revealing how it's all done.


FireGoron invented the Singonia, a text-to-song replicate Speakonia videos in their subject matter and style. The program utilizes midi files which can be made by the creator or imported. The words and phonetics are then typed into the track of one or more instruments, depending on the structure.

He is also a well known member of OldschoolSwellness, and was a target of SwellDrewTube during the Unestablished War.

He has been on the side of Speakonia/Singonia when regarding the fight against Vocaloid.


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