Freddie the Frog

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Freddie the Frog.jpg
Freddie the Frog also known as F.R.O.7., is a member of The Barney Bunch. He comes from an obsure British animated film (which is also the 3rd lowest grossing animated film of all time) that was paroding James Bond called Freddie as F.R.O.7. (which was re-edited and renamed Freddie the Frog when released on home video by Universal Studios). His favorite butt buddy is James Bond, Donut Joe (since he had a James Bond parody in MLP: FiM), Scotty, Demoman, and many British people and people who are similar to James Bond. He was also going to be in a sequel called Freddie Goes To Washington, but it got cancelled due to the first film being a big failure in the box office, and this pissed him off. This film is kind of known for having a cult following. Drew Pickles also likes to jack off to Freddie and he too was pissed off when he found out the Freddie Goes to Washington was cancelled, because he thought it was going to be super swell.