Friendship Enforcers invasion of Drewland

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The Friendship Enforcers invasion of Drewland was a invasion of Drewland that happened in 2016, which resulted in the country becoming incredibly war-torn. Bettyland and Sawyera Arabia were also included in the invasion.


  1. The Friendship Enforcers wanting peace and internal friendship.
  2. Foxy Colleen getting really really drunk after one too many Guinness-es
  3. The Barney Bunch and Betty Bunch faking their rivalry
  4. The Nonsexist Bunch's blacklisting of many people


The Swell Drew Alliance

The Friendship Enforcement Alliance

People killed

People injured

  • Half of the Nonsexist Bunch (headquarters were blown up)
  • Guan Yu (happening to be standing in the way of the Nonsexist Bunch headquarters when the bomb that blew them up detonated, made a full recovery)


Over 120 people were killed, and 130 people were injured. Many Drewlanders, Bettylanders, and Sawyerian Arabians mourned at the various people that were killed's funerals.