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Golett wasn't a member of the Barney bunch, he's more of an ally. Come to think of it, Goletts don't have genders. They are usually workers of Katz and do whatever he wants. Their speciality is making non counterfeit money. Their price though, is your life. After obtaining one, it will (at least try,) to kill you, within a week. Their b*tt buddies are everyone, due to the fact that everyone has at least obtained a Golett, once in their lives. There are other creatures like goletts, they are mostly unkown. Once, Screw Pickles took control of them, so therefore in 1997 they were enemies of Drewland. They have normal stock standard 40 inch c*cks. They will kill for doughnuts or doughnut related items. They became Barney Bunch members in 2013. Currently, The M-san Bunch has no plans with him/them.