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Gourmand's swellest picture.

Gourmand (b. July 26, 1943) is a member of the Barney Bunch and is also one of the gayest chefs in the entire world. He works as Drew Pickles' personal chef. He is world-renowned for his deliciously swell dishes, including Penis Spaghetti (yes, he came up with the idea long before the Pube Swedish Chef stole it), Poopy Soufflé, Diarrhea Burritos, Duck in Piss Sauce, Shark Dick Soup, Asscheek Steaks, Shit Salad, Penis Sushi, Cum Ice Cream, Testicle Shish-Kebabs, Poopy Stew, and Splooge Fondue. He also enjoys sticking frying pans, kitchen knifes, meat cleavers, and other kitchen utensils up his ass like dildis. He also cooks unswell dishes made out of woman meat, in which he feeds to his test subjects. He also protects Drew from homophobes and women by transforming into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and brutally devouring them (homophobes he would rape before eating; women he just eats straight away). He also has a part-time job as a chef at McDonald's, as well as the cooking teacher at Drewland High School. His best butt-buddies are The Cream of Wheat Guy, Cajun Fox, and Chef Boyardee. Even though he's an M-san Bunch "ally", he's banned from the meetings, due to his infamous "recipes".

Gourmand's Swell Gallery