Great Plague of 1998

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The Great Plague of 1998 was a Drewland Plague happening in late 1998, the day when KoRn made nu metal very popular and also the day that KoRn and Limp Bizkit invaded Drewland, killing over 300 swell citizens in Drewland and Sveloya. On the same day, Danny Cat and Maid Marian (who did not adopt Robin Hood at the time) attempted to turn Robin Hood and Drew Pickles straight even though Robin Hood is a bisexual and Drew Pickles is a homosexual. A few days later, the Straight King went on his own to kill Drewlanders that either work or like Burger King. After this, all Burger Kings were shut down in Drewland and most of them were replaced with Havfruen, McDonald's, and grunge recording studios.