Greg Heffley

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Greg Heffley.jpg
Greg Heffley is a member of The Barney Bunch. He's just a faggot who like to write down in his journal about all the swell stuff that happens to him. Many people think that he and Rodrick hate each other, but that's not true. Whenever he can he also likes to use his journal as a dildo. He is butt buddies with Rodrick, The Loded Diaper Members, Rowley Jefferson, Joshie, Manny Heffley, His gay uncle Gary, Chirag, The Wiggles, The Male MLP:FiM and Equestria Girls characters that are in the Barney Bunch, Wallace and Gromit, Littlefoot, and every major member as well. Greg and Rowley love to Play tricks on people.