Hatty Hattington

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Hatty without his hat.
  • Born: May 24, 1882
  • Height: 6ft 5 inches.

Who is The Barney Bunch Member, who loves cats and money? Well, he is the one from Battleblock Theater, that man is the best friend who ever lived, also known as Hatty Hattington. He is a swell man who is the best friend of all! He r*ped all the male babies in the hospital with his golden 269 mile long c*ck. He is also the 2nd richest man in Drewland. Drew found out about his cat problems, r*ped him, and soon Hatty joined. His b*tt buddies are Cofagrigus, Green Knight, Pink Knight, any cat member, and anyone who is intelligent. Not only that, he has a theater, where he sends minions of Waternoose Inc. to perish in his movies. He uses cats as d*ldos, and eats their sh*t and p*ss. When someone in Drewland worships, Hayden ********** and/or Danny Cat, if they are still alive, they go to Hatty's place, to suffer. He is the drill sergeant at Drewland High, if students choose a path to fight in an army. He has lots of cash, but no mustache to be seen.