Hayden Panettiere

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Hayden Panettiere is the least elegant woman who had ever stepped foot on Drewland, but the gnarliest for Censored Bunch members. She is a major member of the Censored Bunch and the founder of the Girlsored Bunch. She is the 2nd most hated person in Drewland. She hates grunge music, grunge singers, extremely gay menpurple dinosaurs, blue kangaroos, giant winged beasts, clowns, quakers, butt-pirates, Chinese warriors, creatures with toolboxes for heads, foxes with shades, grooms with cone headsdragons, rock maniacs, dark wizards, ghost robots, giant boars, magical talking cats, samurai, ninjas, asskickers, furries; especially the ones who yiff to gay lactation porn, philandrists of either sex, nonsexist goddesses, Beybladers, Soul Reapers, men who can lactate, The Bisexual Blastoise, German bands and much more. Her other major goal is one thing and one thing only... DESTROY BRAIXEN. She is much more hated and causes even more trouble than The Straight King. She insteads listens to Eurodance and tastes the unswell ice cream flavor of vanilla. She has the same amount of hate as Chuck E Cheese. Due to the fact that she destroyed Drewland's fourth biggest and most successful grunge radio station (RPR 960), her property got monopolized by Drew Pickles, Barney, Ronald, Ripper Roo, and the Quaker Queer. Hayden is also responsible for the Drewland High School Massacre on November 18, 2011.