Hikaru Gosunkugi

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Hikaru Gosunkugi (b. April 16, 1992) is a member of the Barney Bunch. He is an extremely thin and scrawny faggot who exists solely as the "punching bag" (or more precisely, the "raping bag") of the Barney Bunch. His cock is only 8 inches long, making it the tiniest cock out of any Barney Bunch member. He has a starvation fetish and he enjoys locking himself in the wardrobe for hours, days, and even weeks without any food (which probably explains why he is so skinny). He is also very weak and fragile; when he masturbates, his arm becomes dislocated; when he blows his nose, his head feels like it's about to explode; and he can't even wear a gold chain without the risk of breaking his own neck. He also suffers from insomnia, because he keeps having nightmares about being raped by women or being murdered by homophobes. He is also a drug addict and a cross-dresser. However, when he cross-dresses, he always has the misfortune of being mistaken for a woman and getting smacked to death by the other Barney Bunch members (Drew Pickles always revives him later with his magical sperm). He is forbidden from joining in with the Barney Bunch's gay butt-sex orgies, because he often gets crushed under the weight of the others during the sex (he's always at the bottom, no matter what happens). Drew Pickles only allowed Gosunkugi to join the Barney Bunch, because he actually feels bad for him. Gosunkugi also expresses a shocked reaction when he sees man-boobs, because he's 'one of those people who are used to women having breasts'.

Gosunkugi also has a job working as a cashier at McDonald's, and he is also a roadie for The Village Boiz.


Gosunkugi when he sees women, cats and/or man-boobs.