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The program itself.

Speakonia is a free text-to-speech program used for the majority of videos, and though others have been known to use other programs, Speakonia is still the most used program for the videos in question. The program itself is no longer being updated by CFS-Technologies, but can still be downloaded at CNET.

Included in Speakonia is "Adult Male 1-8 American English" and "Adult Female 1-2 American English" and Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary must be downloaded separately (each with their own filters). However, other voices are also available for download such as British voices.

While Drew Pickles remains the most used character in Speakonia for his vast versatility in video styles, the use of other characters is not unknown, and is often praised due to the repetitive label attached to many Drew Pickles videos.


Speakonia is a small program that converts text in the main field. It is easy to configure the software to output the desired voice and pronunciation with the options to the right. Of course, the program retains some issues which can be the result of numerous catalysts.


  • Absolutely free.
    • Needs to be registered to export .wav files. Also completely free.
  • Easy to use text-to-speech interface.
  • Exporting of sound as .wav files.
  • A number of voices, some sporting filters.
  • Adjustment of voice pitch, speed, and volume.
  • The ability to add words to the program's dictionary.
  • The ability to edit pronunciation of new and included words.


  • Sometimes, and particularly on Microsoft Sam, Mike, and Mary voices, the pitch change doesn't work properly.
    • This applies to the ones with the filters as well.
    • A quick fix is to finely tune the pitch.
      • For Mary, the highest pitch should be close to the right end of the pitch bar, but not at the end.
      • For Mike and Sam, the highest pitch should be very close to the middle, a little to the left. They may still hit their highest pitch with the highest pitch setting for Mary.
      • For reference, see the gallery pictures.
  • Sometimes numbers are pronounced wrong. (Eg. The number "6942" is read as, "Sixty-Nine Forty-Two.")
    • Easiest fix is to just type the number out in words.
  • A common complaint is that the volume isn't loud enough, even when maxed out in Speakonia.
    • A fix for this is to turn up the gain in an audio editing program such as Audacity. If the volume was highest in Speakonia, only an additional 2-5 dB are really needed if your volume is set to 50. (Referring to the volume settings in the task bar, not on your speakers/monitor.)

Adding Words/Editing Pronunciation

Sometimes, the voice doesn't pronounce words properly, or the word needs to be added. To do so, you need to go into the voice's Lexicon to edit the pronunciation. Phonetics can be added to tune it properly. Some voices (Adult Male and Female for instance, as well as the MS Trio) share the same lexicon, so adding the words thrice or more isn't always necessary.

  • American Male 1-8 and American Female 1-2 share the same lexicon.
  • X Male and Female share the same lexicon. (Replace X with desired engine, such as British or Japanese.)
  • MS Mary, Mike, and Sam share the same lexicon. It is unknown if some of the other MS voices, such as Anna, also share this lexicon.

Making Speakonia Videos

When making videos, you will need at least three things:

  1. Speakonia (You will probably need additional voices.)
  2. Image Editing Software (Such as MS Paint.)
  3. Video Editing Software (See below.)

Here are some recommended programs to go along with the other programs:

  • Audacity: A sound editing software. Can convert .wav files into .mp3 files as well.
  • Paint.NET: An alternative to MS Paint, and is often deemed better for image editing.
  • Windows Movie Maker 2.6: The classic video editor software used in the older Speakonia videos. You can use this for free, and it's really simple to use, but there are other alternatives for potentially better results (such as with quality), and this program isn't as stable as later releases, and can hang. If you want to make a video that looks JUST like how they used to make them, however, use this.
  • Windows Movie Maker 12: The modern alternative. Similar to 2.6, but is optimized for 2012. Interface is different from 2.6, but also offers more for editing and output, and can render your videos in higher screen resolutions than the 2.6 release.
  • Lightworks: A free program that was used to edit a Batman movie. It's also free and supposedly better than the Windows editors. Can render videos in higher resolutions.
  • VDSC Video Editor: A program added to the list by one of our wiki users. Free and also perfectly acceptable for creating videos, and is also somewhat better than the Windows editors. Can render videos in higher resolutions.

If you feel like coughing up some money (though, really unnecessary):

  • Adobe Audition: The expensive edition and more sophisticated edition of Audacity. Sound editing.
  • Adobe Flash Professional: The flash maker! If you wanna make stuff like what one can find on Newgrounds (AKA what old Speakonia videos mostly consisted of), then this is the program you want.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Image editor. It's more like a paint program than Photoshop.
  • Adobe Media Encoder: Outputs video in various resolutions in a variety of file types. Use with Flash and Premiere, or even with Sony Vegas.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Image editor. You don't NEED it, but it IS a good tool.
  • Adobe Premiere: Video editor. It also isn't NEEDED, but also is a good program.
  • Sony Vegas Pro: A really really expensive video editor. Quite sophisticated, though.
  • Xara Programs: These are a variety of art programs. They are among the top rated programs, but still cost a fair amount of money.

All of these programs will be linked below. However, just getting the programs isn't enough, you'll need to see what styles exist out there and decide what style you're going to use, or try and be innovative by trying a different type of style from what currently exists.

Speakonia Sounds

These are the most common Speakonia sounds. Though technically speaking one could insert anything into the field, these particular sounds mostly have solidarity. It should also be noted that real sounds such as real farts or gushing noises can make the video funnier, but should be used with moderation.

Common Sounds

These are common sounds that have been established for a long period of time.

  • hahahaha - Common sex sound.
  • uh uh uh uh - Can be used for characters being pounded in the ass.
  • haaaaaaa - Male masturbation sound. Particularly for Drew.
  • wuwuwuwu - Alternative masturbation sound. (Gender neutral.)
  • shlikshlikshlikshlik - Common female masturbation sound.
  • glurglurglurglur - Common blowjob sound.
  • soisoisoisoi - Common orgasm sound.
  • smack smack smack smack - Mostly used with Drew Pickles. Used when a (typically male) character beats up another character (in Drew's case, women) with their penis.
  • bababababa - An alternative sound to the above.
  • Bag, that was swell. - Added after the cum sound.

Optional Sounds

These sounds are less common, but still established. Although, it should be noted, they are not uncommon either.

  • ay ay ay ay - Screaming sound. Could be for either pleasure or pain.
  • hahaha (Different from above, this reads as "hemmoha." Is used as laughter.)
  • pisspisspisspiss - Sound for when a character pisses.
  • espspspspsp - Alternative sound for when a character pisses.
  • poopoopoopoo - When a character shits.
  • auyauyauyauy - Can be randomly inserted during rape or using things as dildis.
  • lublublublub - When a character uses something as lube (often anal lube).
  • ohohawawohohawaw- When a character uses something as a dialdo.
  • yeyeyeye - Alternative sound when using a dialdo.
  • ouououou - Sound used when a character's ass is in pain.

Extra Sounds

These sounds consist of sounds not used for anything in particular, as well as sounds that are no longer in use from old rape phrases. If used properly, however, they can strengthen the content of videos. Some are also not established, or are purely extras with no particular categorization.

  • cacacaca (Classic sound.)
  • lolololo (Classic sound. Can also be used when a character laughs.)
  • ijajijajija (Classic sound.)
  • wowowowow (Classic sound.)
  • po po po po - (Used as another shitting sound or when a character spins their penis.)
  • yoyoyoyo (An extra sound for when someone uses something as a dialdo. Could also be used as a sex sound.)
  • Thomas the Tank Engine (inserted randomly, generally used only once per video).
  • aXYXY (Replace X and Y with any two letters to make your own. The letter "a" can make sounds that wouldn't work normally, mostly ones with one consonant after another. For example, bfbfbf, plplpl, or jgjgjg. These would change to abfbfbf, aplplpl, and ajgjgjg respectively.)

Scenario Sounds

Used for particular scenarios.

  • Using x as a dialdo.
  • Also using y as dildis.
  • Using z as anal lube.
  • Suck (on) my cock/tits/cunt (before the glur sound).
  • fixfixfixfix - Used when fixing things (particular to Bob the Builder).
  • plungeplungeplungeplunge - Used when plunging toilets or vaginas. (What is used as a plunger varies between characters. Drew would use his penis.)
  • looklooklooklook - Used when looking for something (for Barney, it's when he looks for his severed cock).
  • numnumnumnum - Used when eating.
  • chomp chomp chomp chomp - An alternative eating sound.


In order to maintain canonical practices within the videos, it is best to use these styles. However, know that the list on this wiki is not exhaustive, and new styles can be developed with a good understanding of the characters involved. The most commonly used style is the "Drew Pickles Goes to" style. The more rare styles are either derivatives of other styles, or have fallen out of practice.

Classic Style

In the beginning, there was one style, and this style had no competition whatsoever. There were still things that were established, and such has remained established. However, this style eventually was met with other styles rising, and this one soon came to be known as the classic style. It is incredibly flexible in its content, but is mostly defined by its derivatives. Otherwise, it's about characters explaining how gay they are, or their thoughts on a particular topic.

Keep in mind, when Speakonia started, there wasn't any planning as to what was/wasn't, and what sounds meant. So this style introduced sounds and original character concepts. Whether it was Knuckles becoming Fuckles, or Mr. Wick becoming Mr. Dick, or even that Drew Pickles is the gayest man in the universe. However, it was only when later styles were developed that things began to "set in stone."

X's Secret Style

This utilizes the fundamentals of the classic style, and is about a character explaining how gay they are. It usually begins with characters saying, "Hello my name is X and I am really really gay." They then begin to explain all the gay things they do, and who they do them with/to. Sex scenes are usually seen as masturbation scenes instead, but utilize the same sounds as sex scenes.

X Talks About Y

This is where a character (or, characters) talk about a particular topic. The beginning may mirror that of the secret style, but the overall content is different, and may involve the character explaining how gay the topic is, how gay the people involved with the topic are, or the violent things they want to do to the people involved with the topic or the topic itself. Masturbation scenes are generally the same as secret style sex scenes.


NOTE: This style is EXTREMELY flexible. It has a large number of steps not included.

  1. Choose a character.
  2. Come up with what you want the character to say.
    • If you are using the X Talks About Y derivative, you may use additional characters.
  3. Type up the text for your character(s).
  4. When complete, export as a .wav file for all the characters (File - Export as Wave File).
    • If there are multiple files, you may optionally mix them together using Audacity.
  5. Get a picture of the character(s).
    • If it is the X Talks About Y derivative, you may include the location.
  6. Open your video software (such as Windows Movie Maker).
  7. Put the pictures and .wav files into the program.
  8. Put the .wav files in the timeline in order and then the pictures.
  9. Export it as a video file (.avi, .wmv, etc.)
  10. Upload the video to YouTube.

Secret Missing Episode Style

In this particular style, brought in by HoodboyTails, one has to be aware that this style can involve animated video over still images, or even the use of stop motion animation. It can still be used with still images, but it will likely require multiple images. One also has to take care to watch the number of characters, as more than one character means more than one voice, or reused voices with changed pitch. It should also be noted that this style said goodbye to the classic syllables and hello to the common sex sound.


NOTE: This style is EXTREMELY flexible. It has a large number of steps not included.

  1. Choose a series you want to do a secret missing episode of.
  2. Come up with the story of the secret missing episode.
    • Optionally, you may include established characters.
  3. Insert the story and sounds as needed into Speakonia.
  4. When complete, export as a .wav file for all the characters (File - Export as Wave File).
    • Since there are multiple files, you may optionally mix them together using Audacity.
  5. Create images as needed.
    • Optionally, you may gather videos/animations also needed to tell the story.
  6. Open your video software (such as Windows Movie Maker).
  7. Put the pictures/videos and .wav files into the program.
  8. Put the .wav files in the timeline in order and then the pictures/videos.
    • If using videos, you may need to turn down video sounds.
  9. Export it as a video file (.avi, .wmv, etc.)
  10. Upload the video to YouTube.

Drew Pickles Goes to Style

This image is a good one for Drew Pickles Goes to videos.

The most common video style which became solid mostly thanks to HardcoreGamer4Life. The basic story is that Drew Pickles goes to a place or event where he starts raping all the men and killing all the women. He does this and eventually the manager steps out of his (or, more uncommonly, her) office wherein Drew rapes him OR kills her. It should also be noted that Drew Pickles, while the most commonly used for this style, is not a staple to it, as this style can be used with other characters, or be used with Drew and additional characters. If this occurs, be sure to check on the characters themselves. An example of this is with the Pube Muppet videos.

Drew Pickles Applies for a Job at Style

In the case of the "Applies to a Job at" style, the video is changed slightly. Instead of simply going to the place, Drew (or, another character) goes to a location to apply for a job. Instead of the commonplace events, he will simply go to the location, apply, and describe how he will "interact with" (in essence, Rape) the boss and coworkers. This style is basically a "Goes to" style knockoff. It is so rarely used, that only two were ever made, one of which no longer exists. The other can be seen here.


  1. In the Speakonia program, set the voice to Sam. Volume at max, the pitch as high as possible (see issues, bullet one), and average speed.
  2. Start typing in the box. The first words you must type are "Hello my name is Drew Pickles and today I am going to (place name here)".
    • Other variants are allowed, such as, "Hello my sexual faggots..."
  3. After that, "When I get to (place name), there will undoubtedly be a long fucking line of" and then type a bunch of racial slurs (i.e. wiggers, spear chuckers, niggers, Jews, and all those pretty colors of the racist rainbow) with variants also acceptable.
  4. Then type "I will wait for what feels like (very long time) but is actually (very short time), and then I will get really bored (or pissed), so I will whip out my massive mastodonic 300 mile long (cock or pee pee pee penis), and start jacking off/raping everyone in the line like...
    • From here on, you can spam the box with random and repeat letters, but remember to include the common sounds.
  5. After that, have Drew proceed through the place and rape random people and shove things up his ass. Comments you might want to include are above.
  6. At the end of the video, make the manager come out of his/her office, and have Drew rape him/kill her.
  7. Finally, type in "Holy shit/Wow/Oh boy, this all sounds (words/terms such as really, very, and super duper, swears optional) swell. I think I will go to (place) right now! Goodbye my swell faggots!"
  8. Export it as a .wav file (File - Export as Wave File).
  9. Open your paint program or whatever image editor you have, and open a picture of the place.
  10. Paste a picture of Drew (and other characters if applicable) in the picture.
    • Optional things include his (censored) cock.
  11. Open your video software (such as Windows Movie Maker).
  12. Put the picture and .wav into the program.
  13. Put the .wav in the timeline and then the picture.
  14. Make the duration of the picture the same as the .wav file.
    • Optionally, you may include a fade out at the end.
  15. Export it as a video file (.avi, .wmv, etc.)
  16. Upload the video to YouTube.

You may add animation if you wish, but this is uncommon for this particular style. Multiple pictures are also acceptable. These both tend to make the videos more watchable and enjoyable.

Next Gen Style

This style is Speakonia over video. You take video of characters (watch for being flagged, as this is more common) and put Speakonia voices over it. This style's work largely depends on how long the videos in question are, and if additional stuff is added. You can also apply this style with the Secret Missing Episode style. Since this will likely result in copyright strikes, consider arguing over fair use (if people can do it with Disney, anyone can do it with Speakonia).


  1. Choose a video/television episode you want to use this style with.
  2. Download it.
  3. Insert the dialogue for each character.
  4. When complete, export each as a .wav file for all the characters (File - Export as Wave File).
    • Since there are multiple files, you may optionally mix them together using Audacity, though, this is not recommended with this particular style, since you will have to synchronize with the mouth movements of the characters.
  5. Open your video software (such as Windows Movie Maker).
  6. Put the video and .wav files into the program.
  7. Put the video in the timeline, and match each .wav file to the characters.
    • Be sure to turn down the video sounds when characters are talking, as to not overlap.
    • At this point as well, you can do multiple other additions. Music may need to be replaced as well.
  8. Export it as a video file (.avi, .wmv, etc.)
  9. Upload the video to YouTube.

Unlimited Registration Key

Since CFS Technologies no longer updates their software, they released this free registration key.

  1. To register, go to either one of these...
    • File - Export as Wave File (Click "Yes" on the window that appears.)
    • Help - Register Speakonia
  2. Check off "I already have a Registration Key."
  3. Type these in.
    • Name: Unlimited License
    • E-Mail: none@needed.com
    • Key: SPK-174101-172083
  4. Click "Register"
  5. Restart Speakonia


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