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  • (Born: December 15th, 877)
Here he is for reference.

Hypno is a p*d*phile who loves children. He is also a member of The Barney Bunch, in which he will lick any part of the body of the partner he is with. He really, hates The G*y Creepypasta Gang, for giving him a bad rap. He owns a 216 mile long c*ck. His butt buddies are Mac Tonight, Malamar, Cofagrigus, Dark Wizzerd, and Zor. He doesn't look like it, but he is very old.

Past and Present Life

People accused Hypno, of kidnapping a little girl. He was confused, and thought it was a little boy. Because of this, people made the rumor Hypnos Lullaby, to make people believe that Hypno is evil. Even though he wasn't. So, Hypno was shunned away, until he met Mac Tonight at a diner. Soon, Hypno joined, and became a good psychologist for Drewland. He is the 3rd of the trio of positive managers.