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The Image Magick Wizard (b. 1941), informally known as "Whizzy Asspull", due to frequently having to go to customized bathrooms to piss magic urine he forbade himself from using (and pulling miracles out of nowhere), is a member of the Barney Bunch, but also an important M-san Bunch ally. He is a really gay wizard who loves using sorcery to make cocks bigger, foreskins restored for males who were circumcised, and kill homophobes, his #1 enemy/ies. He was bi-curious during the hippie circlejerk in the 1960s, and even had gay sex with Woodstock. After the AIDS epidemic skyrocketed around the last two decades of the 20th century, he became horny only for men who didn't have HIV/AIDS. It doesn't help he's scared of needles, too. Anyway, Whizzy met Drew Pickles one day. The two shared a gay man who was at the gay bar Drew visits here and there. After Whizzy's condom broke, he locked himself in the bathroom stall, fearing he caught the gay man's HIV. Sadly, for Drew Pickles, Whizzy swore never to be involved with anal penetration ever again, even though Whizzy is HIV-negative! Thus, Drew Pickles allowed him to join the Barney Bunch, where Whizzy gives gay men their penis expansion fantasies, so long as anal penetration is not involved.


  • Whizzy hates urophilia and coprophilia, in addition to sexual viruses/diseases of any kind.
  • Whizzy is one of the gayest wizards from the Silent Generation.[[Category: Snake (zodiac)