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Insane Gus is a character from Disney's Recces. He was originally the "Wimpy-Scaredy Cat" type in the group, until in one episode entitled

"Gus Loses it. Everything By Paul And Joe", where he goes on a psychotic rampage, killing off everybody in the School's Playground.

In "Recess's Lost Episode", also known as "The Lost Episode Of Recess" The episode starts out with a crappy, downgraded and what some describe as HORRIBLE quality, Gus was eating his soup, when Lawson and some other kids (The kids had leather clothing, red faces, and spiked arm's, because of all the kids they murdered) pushed Gus' face in the bowl (Almost drowning him).

TJ asked Gus if he was okay, as Spinelli was insulting the kids, but not usual kiddy names like twit, and doofus, she was using vulgar and profanity, stuff that partly made this episode banned from the network. As Gus was lifting his face up, he began to break down mentally, and psychotically, saying over and over in his head twisted thoughts, and murderous statements. Then, he replied to TJ:

"Its okay I'll take care of it"!

His voice was completely demonic with a dark and high pitched tone as he said it. He then walked out to the school yard and saw Lawson and his gang of faggots playing Basketball. For a good two minutes he stared at them with his famous "Creepy Smile" in which he uses to rape many children and adults alike. The more he stared at him, the more his eyes changed. Tears came out of his eyes from several mental reasons, then his eyes would turn huge and red '( Like Invader Zim's eyes), Then they turned small like tiny red dots. Then began his slaughter. He walked off screen, so you could only see the jungle gym. Lawson and his friends could be heard swearing at him, until later they started screaming as blood would be flown on to the jungle gym, to show the creepy and dark message. The screen would turn white, and blood would be splatterd onto the screen writing 666, because not only was Gus possessed by the Devil, but he was also homosexual. At the end of the episode, the credits would come on where it shows silhouettes of everyone Gus has murdered on a yellow wall, except in the middle would Gus covered in blood and laughing like a lunatic. This started his evil rampage across the rest of his School, until he was kicked out. He then joined The Humongous Bunch, because he is a lover of pain as pleasure and his cock is 5,000 miles longer than Drew's, and now he wants him dead. His best butt buddy is Mewtwo.