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The Gay Preacher Himself
James The Preacher is a member of The Barney Bunch who may seem like a homophobe at first but he just wanted to get attention. He used to be an extreme homophobe until Drew Pickles and the rest of The Barney Bunch raped him until he stopped being a douche bag and become gay like them. He used to make fun of anyone who was against the bible like "Martin Luther King Jr." but after he became gay he doesn't anymore. He also used to be strongly against rock, grunge, heavy metal, and new wave because he also felt like that god hates those music.

Butt Buddies

These are he's butt buddies and the hyphen explains why he became butt buddies with him after he became gay.

  • Eric Harris - Made a video on school shootings and that you should send them to private or homeschool
  • Dylan Klebold - Same as Eric Harris
  • Elvis Presley - Constantly made videos on him
  • Spider Man - Used to have a big grudge against superheros and saying that they are against the bible
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Adam Lanza - Same as Eric Harris
  • Ken from Barbie - Used to say that Barbie was against the bible
  • Any other males from the Barbie franchise
  • Any male from VeggieTales - Used to have a big grudge against the show and said that no real christian should be watching it
  • Santa Claus - Burned a coloring book of him when he was an enemy
  • The Easter Bunny - Burned an Easter Bunny toy when he was an enemy
  • Harry Potter - since he used to say that Harry Potter was against the bible
  • Severus Snape
  • Dumbledore
  • The ghosts of any of the male celebrities he said went to Hell- Self explanatory
  • Andre the Giant
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Bilbo Baggins - Said that Lord of the Rings was against the bible
  • Edward Cullen - Said that Twilight and vampires were against the bible.
  • Count Dracula
  • Any other male Vampire
  • James Eagan Holmes - Made a video once on the Auroa theatre shooting
  • Any rock and roll, grunge, new wave, or heavy metal artist in The Barney Bunch - Since those are music he hated
  • Drew Pickles (of course)
  • The Spirit of St. Francis of Assissi - He used to say that he went to hell.
  • A toy of Martin Luther King Jr. - Since he used to say that he worshiped the Devil
  • All of the Barney Bunch members from The Lion King and Hunchback of Notre Dame - since he burned coloring books of both when he was still a douche bag


  • Back when he was a homophobe he used to support anyone who was anti-gay.