Jared "Five Dollar Footlong Penis" Fogle

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Jared Richard Ronald Scot Fogle, well known as the Jared "Five Dollar Footlong Penis" Fogle, is one of the major members of the Barney Bunch. In 2015, he resigned as the mascot and the longtime spokesperson of Subway to join the Barney Bunch. Jared is gay man who has finally admitted he only loves hot and sexy men. As of 2017, Jared currently works as Drew Pickles full-time agent, manager and senior advisor. He is well known for having a penis that can go from only twelve feet to over 300 miles long. His strongest obsession is to r@pe as many mascots, cartoon characters and hot guys in general. He is the long lost nephew of his estranged Uncle Ronald McDonald who was his rival while he worked at Subway. He is the founder of "The Jared and The Barney Bunch Foundation".