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Jean-Bob is a member of The Barney Bunch. His name used to just be named Bob before he got his nickname back when he started school and he'd get h*rny looking at all of the guys that wore jeans. He got suspeneded from school for a while after he requested for all of his male classmates to pull down their pants and was going to smack the females with his c*ck; and then the principal sent him to the office and he got suspended from school for a while. He got sent to a school just for g*ys where he met some of his favorite b*tt buddies, Puffin and Speed. He also got into liking Prince Derek and Rogers. He also got to hating Odete because he's hated women since the day he was born. When he grew up he and his b*tt buddies moved to Drewland where for many years they finally got to meet Drew Pickles for the first time. They also found more favorite b*tt buddies like Luigi, Snape, and Scar and has starred in p*rnos with them.