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King Dedede is a member of the Barney Bunch. You see, he is a jolly faggot. But, he's called Kind Dedede, because he has a lactating DDD-cup bust. He was almost decapitated by Guan Yu, but Meta Knight stopped his sword with his sword (mmkay?). "Don't harm his man-boobs, Guan Yu. Please reconsider who I'd let you kill!", his sudden response was. Guan Yu was confused, since Ronald McDonald's man-boobs weren't mistaken for feminine breasts. He later apologized, and had to explain to the other members that Dedede was a male "cursed" with feminine breasts. DeDeDe likes to host gay breastfeeding orgies, and suck on cocks for breast pumps. He does this, because The M-san Bunch's equivalent would be "The Bisexual Charizard", who is extremely manly compared to this guy. DeDeDe's jugs and anal innocence belong to Ronald McDonald and Meta Knight, with the latter being a pimp who's still getting ready to join The M-san Bunch.

His Swell Gallery

His doll form, which doesn't lactate nor produce penguin-flavored milk.
Him ready to suck Kirby up real good (WTF?)
"Bullshit, the fox says yiff when mating, not that ringer-ding crap!" ~Dedede trying to outsmart a leftist; he later won the debate.
"They don't call me King DeDeDe for nothing, boy!" ~His answer to Guan Yu about what makes him different from most girly studs.