Klebold v. Drewland

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Klebold v. Drewland was a trial brought up on June 25, 2008 over the fact that Drewland banned all soda brands. This was the second time that Dylan B. Klebold, owner and CEO of Burberrys Drewland, gained publicity in Drewland, the first one being the 1999 Colorado Earthquake at Littleton, CO. The trial was brought up because Dylan B. Klebold was infuriated about the fact that Dr. Pepper, his favorite soft drink, has been outlawed in the area. He was also mad because of the fact that Mario and the Straight King bombed a Dr. Pepper factory the year prior to the trial. The court ultimately declared that Dylan Bennett Klebold won the trial by a landslide, and Dr. Pepper officially became the signature drink of the Barney Bunch.