Kotaro Fuma

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Kotaro Fuma
Kotaro fuma.jpg
"I am the wind that brings swellness to your ass!"
Personal Information
Birthday: February 18, 1966 (age 49)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Occupation: Ninja, spy, gay stripper
Residence: Drewland
Nationality: Japanese (birth), Drewish
Heritage: Japanese
Orientation: Homosexual
Groups: The Barney Bunch
Relationships: Mr. Buzzcut (rumored boyfriend)
Origin: Samurai Warriors
Penis Size: 115 miles long

Kotaro Fuma (pronounced koh-tar-row foo-mah, b. February 18, 1966) is a member of the Barney Bunch, one of Drew Pickles' right-hand men, and the second gayest ninja in the world behind Orochimaru. He likes to hide in dark places (like alleys) and rape men and/or smack women (outside of the M-san and Nonsexist Bunches) to death with his 115 mile long cock when they least expect it. He also likes to shoves kunai, shuriken, katanas, and other ninja weapons up his ass like dildis. He serves as the spy for the Barney Bunch. He always sneaks into Waternoose Inc., Censored Bunch, Rusty Group, Pube Gang, and Humongous Bunch territory, eavesdrop on the groups, discover their plans to attack the Barney Bunch, and report back to Drew or Barney so that the Barney Bunch can launch their counterattack on the enemy before the enemy can even strike. He also prevents enemy spies from stealing secrets and information from the Barney Bunch and reporting back (Waternoose Inc. is known to plant spies in the Barney Bunch). He also serves as the group's assassin, so whenever a homophobe, woman (outside of the M-san Bunch), or enemy is causing the Barney Bunch a lot of grief, Drew will always send him out to "take care of business". He is also an über important ally of The M-san Bunch, so when M-san, Major Bedhead, or Wally Bear are under attack, he will always be there to drive the enemy back. Kotaro's best butt-buddies are Hanzo Hattori, Sasuke Sarutobi, Goemon Ishikawa, Orochimaru, The Spy, Freddie the Frog, Guan Yu, Lu Meng, Dong Zhuo, Mitsuhide Akechi, Ujimasa Hojo, Dodomeki, and Gyuki the Penis Boar. It is rumored that he is the boyfriend of Mr. Buzzcut, but this is yet to be proven.